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Wrestling fans, you are not alone. It appears that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is going strong. MultiChoice has secured the rights to broadcast wrestling in South Africa.

City Press entertainment reporter, Grethe Kemp says that WWE is not only popular here. It is popular around the globe. Not only that, its popularity continues to grow.

It is bigger than ever. It is screened in over 180 countries to 260 million homes around the globe. Right now they have 810 million social media followers - that is almost a billion people.

Grethe Kemp, City Press entertainment reporter

When it come to the appeal of WWE, Kemps says its boils down to pure entertainment. According to Kemp, they have upped their story lines, their productions are massive and it just captures people.

It's just fun to watch. There are so few things out there that are just unadulterated fun. I think that's why the appeal of WWE is still there.

Grethe Kemp, City Press entertainment reporter

Listen to the full interview below:

This article first appeared on 702 : "WWE is bigger than ever"

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