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Darren plays sounds that he insists put babies to sleep, something moms and dads will be delighted to hear.

He describes songs he used to try lull his baby to sleep.

All it did was make him cry.

Darren Simpson, 947 host

But now, he says, new research has come up with the ideal sounds to ensure your little bundle of joy drifts quickly into the land of dreams...and gives tired parents a much-needed break.

This is sure-fire going to change your baby's mood.

Darren Simpson, 947 host

Babies, they say, respond more to the higher tone of a female voice than a male voice....they like natural organic noises like birds.

Darren Simpson, 947 host

And most importantly? The pace of these sounds beats at the same pace of a baby's heart, says Darren.

Try it out and see if it works on your little bundle of joy. Take a listen:

(The song starts at 3'50")

This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] The tune guaranteed to send baby to la la land.



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