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About a year ago, six-year old Oyena Gulwa received a cochlear implant, sponsored by Bidvest Hear for Life.

Capetalk's Kieno Kammies spoke to Oyena's father, Zukisani Silwana, to find out how he is doing, a year after his hearing was restored.

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He is now doing very well, he is at school as we talk...

Zukisani Silwana, Oyena's father

His life has changed from worse to better. He is living a normal life just like any other child who is growing up in this country.

Zukisani Silwana, Oyena's father

It is a wonderful thing to see him being part of the society again. He has access to hear and to converse to us as a family...

Zukisani Silwana, Oyena's father

To hear the rest of the interview, listen below:

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