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While driving home from work, Kiara Dube witnessed a road rage incident where a minibus taxi driver attacked another motorist on the M3 near Groote Schuur Hospital.

Dube says the taxi driver was trying to cut into the offramp, jumping other queuing vehicles. People were not happy about that, says Kiara.

The young man in another car opened his window... he must have said something to the taxi driver.

Kiara Dube, eyewitness to the assault

According to Kiara, the taxi driver stopped, jumped out of his car and attacked this young man. There was a lady in the car who jumped out and tried to stop the fight by getting in between the two men. The taxi driver also attacked her.

Kiara says she then also jumped out and tried to intervene, stopping the taxi driver from attacking the lady.

The taxi driver jumped back into his taxi and drove away. During this whole incident there were people in his taxi busy laughing and taking pictures... they thought is was a funny thing.

Kiara Dube, eyewitness to the assault

When did it become OK that we jump out of our cars and physically attack someone else?

Kiara Dube, eyewitness to the assault

It is concerning that people look at these incidents and do nothing, says Kiara. She says about a hundred cars were driving past, the young man was bleeding, but no one stopped to assist.

People were hooting for us to get out of the way so they can get home. I was quite shocked that Capetonians can behave in this way...

Kiara Dube, eyewitness to the assault

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Taxi driver assaults motorist on M3 while passengers laugh and take pics



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