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On Tuesday, Apple Inc unveiled its much-anticipated iPhone X, a glass and stainless steel device with an edge-to-edge display, as well as the iPhone 8.

The phone - in celebration of Apple's 10th anniversary - has wireless charging, an infrared camera, and hardware for facial recognition, which replaces the fingerprint sensor for unlocking the phone.

It is priced at $999 - or just over R13 000.

The iPhone 8, which looks a lot like the iPhone 7, will also feature a new 12MP camera sensor that provides 83% more light, and is more power efficient.

Jan Vermeulen, Tech Editor at My Broadband, shares the features of the iPhone X.

It has gotten rid of the big home button, rid of the finger print sensor, so you have got this full face display with a screen that runs from edge to edge, a really beautiful looking device. Different from what you would expect a regular iPhone to look like.

Jan Vermeulen, Tech Editor at My Broadband

Instead of using touch ID it uses a set of sensors on the front face, a camera along to get a model of your face and then unlock based on the facial pattern you have put on the phone.

Jan Vermeulen, Tech Editor at My Broadband

This is the kind of stuff I typically associate with motion capture .

Jan Vermeulen, Tech Editor at My Broadband

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