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Stellenbosch University's Professor Thinus Booysen and his team have worked with some schools in the Western Cape to identify their problem areas and reduce their water bills.

Booysen is a senior lecturer in the department of electrical and electronic engineering.

He says four schools have adapted and started using their proposed water meter and have since achieved significant results. With the support of Shoprite, they were able to introduce the smart meter to poorer schools he explains.

We latch a smart meter on to the school's municipal water supply and from that device, they provided them with time of use of the water and addressed concerning volumes.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

We were able to identify typical problems with the schools and address those. Strangely they differ from school to school, carrying from maintenance to consumer behaviour related issues.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

From the school that we're saving the most, the majority of the water was just flowing through the toilets. They have forty toilets and twenty of those were malfunctioning.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

Booysen says with the financial support they were able to send in a plumber to fix the toilet, bringing down the consumption from roughly fifty to thirteen kilolitres a day, saving R46 000 a month.

Follow the progress at www.schoolswater.co.za

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