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South Africa has submitted a healthy bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023, sports journalist Mark Keohane reports.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa led a high-level delegation to London to present the bid to World Rugby’s executive committee on Monday.

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Many believe that South Africa stands a good chance to win the bid because of government's strong financial guarantees and the established stadium infrastructure, Keohane explains.

It ticks every box and the biggest thing was having the Deputy President there.

Mark Keohane, Rugby Writer

South Africa's bid is a hell of a strong one.

Mark Keohane, Rugby Writer

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Keohane says it was important for Ramaphosa to join the Sports Ministry and SA Rugby bosses, in order to allay fears of political instability and corruption held by council members.

He says France also has strong bid which is technically on par with South Africa.

I would say it's between South Africa and France.

Mark Keohane, Rugby Writer

The world rugby council will make a recommendation on October 31st.

Take a listen his analysis:

SA Rugby appear to have put a lot of work into the bid, reports EWN Sport's Carl Lewis.

It was a very convincing bid. But in the same breath, both the Irish and the French bids seemed to go just as well. It seemed to be a tough one.

Carl Lewis, EWN Sport reporter

Take a listen to the EWN update:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SA has good shot at hosting 2023 Rugby World Cup, sports journos argue

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