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The Kfm Flash Drive team along with the Dis-Chem Foundation spread some cheer at The Woodside Special Care Centre earlier today. Carl Wastie, host of The Flash Drive on Kfm 94.5 brought a smile to the faces of the children during the visit along with Zoe Brown (traffic presenter) and Barron Hufkie (sports presenter).

Woodside was started in 1976 and has continued to provide a haven for children and young adults with special needs. Over the last forty years the centre has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life of residents through 24-hour nursing care, physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Carl and the team along with the Dis-Chem Foundation met with Gregory Sirmongpong, general manager, to discuss the needs of the residents. This moving meeting encouraged the Dis-Chem Foundation to bring to life a Random Act of Kindness for the intellectually and physically disabled children who reside at the centre in Rondebosch East.

“The needs of multi-disable children and young adults has always been a core focus for Dis-Chem Foundation. Our hope is that our support can help maintain the dignity of the Woodside residents,” said Penny Stein, Dis-Chem Foundation

The Dis-Chem Foundation are supporting Woodside Special Care Centre with R 60, 000 worth of toiletries for the year. The foundation also committed R40, 000 in cash to allow the centre to continue to do the remarkable work that they do.

To see what happened during The Flash Drive visit to Woodside Special Care Centre, watch the video:

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