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Gender Based Violence is the world’s most common form of human rights violations and spans different races, social classes, ages and ethnic groups.

250 University of the Western Cape students started a campaign to raise funds for victims of sexual violence.

The campaign started on Tuesday and saw the students congregate at 21 major intersections around the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town.

They believe they have the moral and professional duty of being advocates for patients.

By creating awareness around gender-based violence, we will be able to go a step further to reduce the prevalence of GBV in susceptible communities and lessen the burden on health care service.

Jeremy Tarr, UWC Nursing Student Fundraising Committee

We as the professsional nurses of tomorrow need to be socially responsive and empower our patients and provide our patients a safe haven to go to.

UWC Nursing Student Fundraising Committee member

Funds raised will go towards the chosen charities, Bulula Children's Home and the Hagar House for abused women and children.

Bulula Children's Home is a daycare centre for intellectually disabled children, the centre educates the children and teaches them skills so they can be productive members of society.

UWC Nursing Student Fundraising Committee member

Hagar House for abused women and children focuses on rebuilding the victim's self-esteem and help them be independent again. We want to contribute to sustainability of the project.

UWC Nursing Student Fundraising Committee member

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