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Raising a child with special needs requires a great deal from care-givers.

Mothers, in particular, face the burden of care and can often struggle balancing other parts of their lives such as their sexuality.

Attorney and medical negligence specialist Romany Sutherland explains that South Africa has 10% more Cerebral Palsy cases than anywhere else in the world, resulting in more children with disabilities needing care.

The family are the one's that take strain... It's the mother or father that has to give up their job, their relationship and dreams.

Romany Sutherland, attorney and medical negligence specialist

Caring for children with intellectual or physical disabilities requires financial, emotional and psychological care.

Clinical sexologist Dr Eve explains that it can also cost many women their sexuality and intimate relationships.

Dr Eve argues that when the mother is the primary care-giver for a differently-abled child, her relationship with herself and her partner is affected.

It deviates energy and time from her own personal life. There's a fatigue factor and an enormous psychological burden... That's not sexy; it's not a sexy feeling.

Dr Eve, clinical sexologist

She advises that privacy, time, mental and physical presence, attraction , focus , concentration, physical health, vulnerability, and other factors for sexual pleasure are often compromised.

Visit Dr Eve's website to learn more on this and other topics.

Take a listen to the insightful discussion and callers share their personal stories:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why parents of kids with disabilities often struggle with sexual intimacy

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