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Can any workplace be transformed through color?

Mike Walker the Marketing and Communications Director for Tetris SA chats to 702 host, Azania Mosaka about the impact of colour psychology in the workspace.

Walker says colour psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. Walker explains that it is important to note that colour affects people differently.

There are certain universal truths such as the colour red. Universally it is known as a power colour, money colour, it is known as a creative space.

Mike Walker the Marketing & Communications Director for Tetris SA

He goes on to say green is renowned for being a calming colour while white is pure, clinical and clean colour says Walker.

Colour psychology is largely used in marketing and branding, where a lot of businesses will try to pull that colour through their space which isn't always the best idea.

Mike Walker the Marketing & Communications Director for Tetris SA

If you're looking at customers, you'll want to create an environment of confidence, a place of business, one would generally stick with white especially in your reception area says Walker.

He says more creative agencies will tend to opt for vibrant colours such as red, yellow and orange. Law firms on the hand are likely to settle on brown, cream to create a sense of calm for customers adds Walker.

For more on this discussion on colour click on the audio clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Here's why you should paint your reception area white

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