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As we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month, we enjoy nothing more than being able to share and listen to your stories.

Sechaba G had the pleasure of interviewing Breast Cancer survivor Tanya Da Silva Ferreira who shared her remarkable story with us and reminded us that life is too short not to take care of yourself and live it to the fullest.

"After two red devil chemotherapy sessions, I lost my hair. My side effects consisted of, but weren’t limited to hair loss, short term memory loss, nausea, loss of appetite, bone and muscle pain, loss of sleep, sweats, mouth sores, loss of the sense of taste and a heightened sense of smell.

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

I wore a wig to functions, bandannas now and then but often went bald. I knew that I had to go through it to fight it and walked with my head held high."

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

"My story sounds like a lot for one person to go through and I only touched on some issues a cancer patient faces daily, but it is worth every side effect when you wake up in the morning and you can live another day and spend time with the people you love. It gives a whole new meaning to ‘life’ and everything we take for granted! I AM A SURVIVOR!!"

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

To celebrate 5 years of being cancer free Tanya decided to get a tattoo of hope live in studio and we were there to capture it all. Check out what happened below.

If you would like to chat to Tanya or find out more on what she's doing you can connect with her here.

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