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Global Change Institute's Dr David Olivier argues that the City has done well in explaining water restrictions in terms of their necessity and their effectiveness. But, he adds, it hasn’t done that well in explaining that water restrictions are being done fairly.

He says the City needs to explain what the contingency plans are because he believes there is a bit of a panic.

The City needs to explain to the people the cost of their plans and the dates of implementation, so they can have an idea what to expect in 2018, instead of an environment of nervousness and the feeling of indecisiveness coming from the City.

Dr David Olivier, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Wits Global Change Institute

And also should become transparent about the other sectors where the water is going - when it is not going to the residential sector so that the residential sector is not carrying the full burden.

Dr David Olivier, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Wits

Olivier says that it’s important that the City build trust with the residents.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'City must build trust with Capetonians about the water crisis'

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