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The 12 Apostles Hotel was evacuated on Thursday night due to the fire that blazes on the slopes above the hotel.

According to Western Cape Spokesperson for SAN Parks, Merle Collins, the fire is currently moving towards the top of the mountains, which is a huge challenge.

She says firefighters have been dropped off at the top of the mountain to prevent the fire from reaching the top as it might ignite another fire.

She says reinforcements have been called upon from Working On Fire.

"So far there is one helicopter that is helping with the water bombing and two others will be arriving from the Eastern Cape in the afternoon", says Collins.

The hotel was saved last night, the fire was stopped, but it has moved passed the hotel to the Oudekraal area and now on its way to Llandudno.

Merle Collins, Western Cape Spokesperson for SAN Parks

The fires have been fanned by strong winds since Wednesday in the Oudekraal/Camps Bay area.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SANParks calls for reinforcements as Cape mountain blaze moves upwards

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