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Triple murder accused Henri van Breda has decided to testify in his trial, and has requested that his testimony not be broadcast live.

Earlier in the trial, the defence said he would not be testifying.

The about-turn may see the court draw negative inferences because the Criminal Procedures Act states that an accused has to testify at the start of the defence’s case.

Van Breda's defence has argued that his speech impediment worsens under pressure and increased stress, reports EWN's Monique Mortlock.

Defence Advocate Pieter Botha is concerned that van Breda's stuttering and muttering could worsen under camera spotlight and have a negative impact on their case.

Judge Siraj Desai is expected to rule on the matter on Tuesday morning, Mortlock explains.

Take a listen to the EWN update:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why Henri van Breda wants cameras off in court before taking the stand

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