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The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Sugar Creek financial expert Gerald Mwandiambira for his weekly business book review.

Mwandiambira spoke about his book “My Money”.

Description on Amazon:

Money is a tool that we can all master.

You choose to either be a “Money Slave” or a “Money Master”.

“My Money”, written by Gerald Mwandiambira, is a practical, easy to read personal finance book.

A guide that will help many ordinary people begin to create wealth and not fear the subject of personal financial planning.

A treasure trove of useful advice and tips; this book is essential reading to gain a basic understanding of money mechanics.

A guide to help you find your confidence and see money as it really is; a tool that anyone can use.

With a chapter dedicated to almost every financial situation we face in our lives, “My Money” will become your go-to book that will help you unlock your financial potential and gain control of your financial affairs.

You, too, have the potential to become a “Money Master”.

For more detail; listen to the interview in the audio below.

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This article first appeared on 702 : You’re either a ‘money slave’ or a ‘money master’ (says author of 'My Money')

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