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Thursday 9 November 2017

"As a brand we have never shied away from difficult conversations. We believe that the only way to achieve true understanding is by ventilating the issues that affect all our listeners. After review of the piece and discussion with Sherlin Barends, we believe the intention of her column in the Weekend Argus was to offer her perspective on representation and role models as well to celebrate the Van Niekerk union. As a broadcaster we cannot provide a stance around content produced by one of our presenters in her capacity as a columnist for the Weekend Argus. We do believe the column was let down by a headline that was written by the editor, who whilst attempting to come off as ironic, in fact was just sensationalist. We encourage engagement with the Weekend Argus in this regard. We believe Sherlin’s intention was not to denigrate anyone’s marriage or choices, and we are confident she will continue to use her platform to examine social issues in a responsible and respectful manner” said Trish Taylor, CEO Primedia Broadcasting Western Cape.


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