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100 schools across the Cape are set to save more water and money thanks to a collaborative water-saving initiative in the province.

The smart meter roll-out programme will save 1 million litres of water a day at the top 100 high-volume water-using schools across Cape Town.

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The Shoprite Group has partnered with CapeTalk on the initiative, which will see a special water-monitoring device installed at schools.

The device, called the Dropula, monitors water usage and flow and identities leaks and abnormal water usage.

A pilot programme at the Hector Peterson Secondary School in Wallacedene saved the school 40 kiloliters daily.

Hector Peterson Secondary School's principal, Mike Mavovana, says the project has spread water awareness at his school, in addition to reducing consumption and spending.

I don't think I paid much attention, up until this gadget was installed in our schools.

Mike Mavovana, principal at Hector Peterson Secondary School

There's been a behaviour change in students in terms of water.

Mike Mavovana, principal at Hector Peterson Secondary School

The young ones took the project to heart, they're educating other students and putting posters on school buildings.

Mike Mavovana, principal at Hector Peterson Secondary School

Since the interventions, consumption dropped 72% to 13 kilolitersper weekday and by 100% on weekends when the valve stayed closed.

The principal shares how the initiative has helped:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Local project slashes water usage at Cape school and spreads awareness

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