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Godiragetse Mogajane founded Goodie Tutors after he saw the frustration learners go through with getting help with their maths and science.

He created a toll-free number where students can call in and get help with old question papers and solving sums they are struggling with in their textbooks.

The reason why we made it toll-free is because we wanted to make it easily accessible to everyone, whether you have a smartphone or not.

Godiragetse Mogajane, Founder Goodie tutors

To receive help, learners are required to pay a once off fee of R299 and then have access to a help number.

Whatever time you call there will always be someone to take your call.

Godiragetse Mogajane, Founder Goodie tutors

To hear more about Goodie Tutors, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 24/7 toll-free maths and sciences helpline to assist high school learners

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