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Award winning hip hop artist, Kiernan Forbes better known as AKA gave his fans an electrifying performance on #702Unplugged on the Azania Mosaka show this Friday.

He performed some of his most popular hits such as 'the Caiphus Song', 'The world is yours' and 'Don't forget to pray'.

Here's some of what we took from AKA's interview with Mosaka

How he became known as 'Super Mega'

Super Mega was something I just decided on. I like investing different nicknames for myself at different stages of my career.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

Why wears sunglasses during his performances

When I perform, I'm like a character. It's like they are a protective layer. I can see you but you can't see me. It helps me get into character.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

On naming his first album 'Altar Ego'

It's a play on words. I was a bit full of myself. I'm still full of myself but then i was especially full of myself. It was a play on words, a 'God-like ego'.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

On his ego

It's necessary to be a rap artist with an ego. Hip hop music started out in the park in the 70's. Rap has always been competitive in its nature, it's always been about battling, about flexing your skills lyrically.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

His years at St. Johns

His introduction to the music industry was in 2002 when he joined rap group, Entity, with his two former school mates and managed to garner huge success. Later in 2006 the group disbanded with all three members forging different paths.

It was an interesting time for me. We formed the group in the first year of high school and later decided we wanted to put music out. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh called me the other but we've drifted apart.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

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On his feud and 'beef' with Cassper Nyovest

The beef with AKA and fellow rap artist, Cassper Nyovest has been described as one of the longest public feuds in South African hip-hop history. Both artists have released diss tracked where they take aim at one another.

Cassper if you're listening, bring me a million bucks and let's do #FillUpFNB together.

AKA, Hip Hop artist

This article first appeared on 702 : AKA dares Cassper to give him a milli and he'll help him #FillUpFnb stadium

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