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Cape Town's Phillipa Geard has been crowned the 2017 National Woman in Business Champion, five years after starting her successful online recruitment platform.

She was crowned at South Africa's nineth annual Top 20 Small Business and Entrepreneurship Award this week.

Geard is the CEO and founder of RecruitMyMom, an agency that has made an meaningful impact on women with children and within the local recruitment industry.

She started the business in 2012 after seeing an opportunity to aggregate career opportunities and skills for experienced women seeking flexible, part-time and remote jobs.

It's a wonderful accolade to have received. I'm glad that I'm championing something.

Phillipa Geard, CEO and founder of Recruit my Mom

At the time, there weren't many agencies interested in part-time or flexible work.

Phillipa Geard, CEO and founder of Recruit my Mom

We're regularly placing between 60 and 80 people into work on a monthly basis.

Phillipa Geard, founder of Recruit my Mom

She had less than 100 women on her database after her first month. Today, she has 44 000 women registered on her site.

Take a listen to her inspiring business journey:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Phillipa Geard lands top biz award five years into online job agency for moms

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