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The creators of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs, will soon be releasing their latest installment in augmented reality games.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, set to launch in 2018 has been co-developed by Warner Bros., Interactive and its new sub brand Portkey Games.

Apparently the game will allow players to roam the real world collecting power-ups, defending locations and exploring their environment.

Ray White spoke to Stuff Magazine editor-in-chief, Toby Shapshak.

AR is a big deal, it is probably going to be more prolific in terms of usage than virtual reality.

Toby Shapshak, Stuff magazine editor-in-chief

Pokemon Go in the first 3 months alone delivered 300 million dollars in revenue. At its peak in July last year it had 45 million daily users.

Toby Shapshak, Stuff magazine editor-in-chief

Harry Potter is even more well known so the potential market is significantly higher.

Toby Shapshak, Stuff magazine editor-in-chief

The interesting thing for me is how have cleverly they have found a way to extend themselves each time there is a new technology invention.

Toby Shapshak, Stuff magazine editor-in-chief

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