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Pippa Hudson and her team hosted a live broadcast from Orion Organisation, an NPO that provides care and services to people living with disabilities.

Orion is based in Atlantis, Cape Town, and offers educational, training and therapeutic support for children, youth and adults with disabilities.

Orion takes care of residents with living with physical, mental, intellectual and neurological disabilities.

It currently accommodates 65 adult people with disabilities and is expected to accommodate 78 adults in 2018, explains CEO Hannl Cronje.

Some adults live at Orion and others visit the facility to participate at the work centre or the adult care facility on a daily basis.

Orion has partnered with various retailers, manufactures and service providers to create job opportunities for locals.

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The organisation uses a group home model, where people share family homes and offer each other care and support.

Orion also caters for children through its daycare centre, and provides transport for the children from school and back home, says fund development manager Veronia Pronk.

7.4% of people in Atlantis are disabled due to various reasons.

Hannl Cronje, CEO at The Orion Organisation

We have an individual development programme for every person on the premises, be it a child or an adult.

Veronia Pronk, Marketing and fund development manager at The Orion Organisation

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Each child develops and learns according to their own abilities.

Veronia Pronk, Marketing and fund development manager at The Orion Organisation

Employers need to buy into knowledge and get to know what disability means.

Hannl Cronje, CEO at The Orion Organisation

Take a listen to the history of the organisation and the role it plays in inclusive employment:

Long-term residents Isaac Solomons and Claudine Baron share how employment at Orion has changed their lives:

CEO Hannl Cronje explains how access to job opportunities help people living with disabilities and debunks some misconceptions:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape NPO 'Orion' helps people with disabilities reach their full potential

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