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In this podcast series, Ugandan radio and TV presenter, writer and singer, Lee Kasumba speaks to some of the brilliant minds in Africa who are helping to make Africa a great continent.

Putting Africa in the limelight Kasumba speaks to Gikomba Market spokesperson Vauldi about the largest informal market in East Africa, Gikomba Market in Kenya.

A number of Kenyans make a living selling secondhand clothes from Europe and other countries at a reasonable price, she says.

The market stretches for kilometres, with a range of different kinds of traders selling there daily.

People make a living and they support their families by these second-hand clothes that were destined for charity.

Valdi Carelse, Spokesperson for Gikomba market

This is a source where a lot of people get their clothing because it is unaffordable for them to buy new clothes in places like Edgars and Woolworths.

Valdi Carelse, Spokesperson for GIkomba market

Kenya has massive informal economy, in fact its estimated that about 95% of this country has an informal economy and only 5% is formalized.

Valdi Carelse, Spokesperson for GIkomba market

According to Vauldi, Gikomba Market has been around for the longest time and it is important for the economy of Kenya.

She says because of the fires that broke at the market recently, the traders are calling for the government to formalise it and build proper structures that will minimise the fires.

Kasumba also spoke to Dr Ruele Khoza, former Nedbank Chairperson and author of the book 'Let Africa Lead', which was had a forward written by Nelson Mandela.

Khoza spoke about the state of leadership in Africa today and what Nelson Mandela would've thought of it if he was still alive today.

I am inclined to believe that he would've been a bit depressed with the majority of leaders that have emerged now. He would've been somewhat disappointed with the retrogression of the concept of African renaissance.

Dr Ruele Khoza, author and former Nedbank chairperson

The Leadership that we have now cannot even conceptualize globalization...

Dr Ruele Khoza, author and former Nedbank chairperson

Artist Sandile Radebe also joined Kasumba to talk about art and creativity in Africa.

Radebe is a self taught artist whose main area of interest is art practice in both public and private spaces.

Raw talent is important it’s your drive, its your reason for doing what you doing.

Sandile Radebe, Artist

Another African making Africa great, Nigerian-born director, writer, and actor Akin Omotoso, who has been working in the South African film and television industry since the 1990s.

Omotoso tackles the operations of the African film industry, looking at the South Africa's film industry and Nollywood and the world.

Nollywood has been very successful within the audience, building the audience, people creating the appetite for the film.

Akin Omotoso, director, writer and actor

When I think Africa state of mind, I think excellence.

Akin Omotoso, director, writer and actor

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This article first appeared on 702 : Africa State of Mind with Lee Kasumba: Markets, African film, and leadership

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