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"Born of acting royalty, his father Ndaba 'Mshefane' Mhlongo was an incomparable comedy genius and his mother Mary Twala is a revered performer who is still active in the industry to this day. Even at his poorest, Somizi was rich. His life filled with magical stardust moments.", writes Lesley Mofokeng who co-wrote Idols Judge, media personality and radio host, Somizi Mhlongo's biography.

"One too many times he emerged from the dark valley of sorrows only more energised and revitalised to tackle this thing called life again," he writes.

Mhlongo sat down with 702's Azania Mosaka to share his life's journey and the inspiration behind his much-lauded biography.

The popular media personality tells Mosaka that he was very specific about how he wanted to tell his story and how he wanted it written.

He had strict instructions for his co-author, Mofokeng to interpret the book precisely how he had verbally recorded it.

In the book, Mhlongo details how he grew up in his grandmother's four-room house, where lived with many other family others and describes his upbringing as 'a jolly one'.

I now enjoy my own space and not because of how I grew up but because of my celebrity status. Everything I do is magnified, so when I get home I want to be alone and I enjoy being alone.

Somizi Mhlongo, Idols SA Judge, Choreographer, radio host and media personality

How I grew up is the most beautiful thing, that's also why I'm a people's person. That's why I am a warm person.

Somizi Mhlongo, Idols SA Judge, Choreographer, radio host and media personality

We were so happy that I forgot I was poor.

Somizi Mhlongo, Idols SA Judge, Choreographer, radio host and media personality

Mhlongo also writes in his book that breakfast was the most exciting part of his day. There would be twenty-four cups and mugs were decked on the table with stacks of bread that you could either have with peanut butter or jam - but could never have both.

I'm actually proud that Iwas able to be as honest as possible and recall the most significant moments of my childhood, shares Mhlongo.

Mhlongo also contributes his love for cooking to the late, South African singer, Miriam Makeba who would cook for him and transport him through various countries through her cuisines. He also adds that the first time he sipped on some champagne was at Makeba's house.

[LIVE] Idols judge, Somizi Mhlongo sits down with Azania Mosaka to let us in on what inspired his biography titled; Dominos - The Unbreakable Spirit

Posted by 702 on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

We continue our conversation with Somizi Mhlongo live on the Azania Mosaka show

Posted by 702 on Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Listen to the rest of this awe inspiring interview in the clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : Azania Mosaka hosts the 'super splendiferous' Somizi Mhlongo

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