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Sanlam challenged 10 of South Africa’s biggest artists to remix their top selling songs into a two minute (or less) shower song to save water.

South African band MiCasa heeded the call and remixed their song Na Na to two minutes.

Sanlam's Mariska Oosthuizen as well as MiCasa spoke to Kieno Kammies about this fun initiative.

The water crisis is in Cape Town and we had to try and do something about it because we do believe we have a responsibility.

Mariska Oosthuizen, Head of Brand at Sanlam

Biggest amount of water is used in the bathroom, about 10 litres every minutes when you shower. So we thought people sing in the shower, lets bring a little bit of fun back in the bathroom because the water crisis has taken all the fun...

Mariska Oosthuizen, Head of Brand at Sanlam

That is why we do music. We do music to try and make a difference.

J Something, MiCasa

Listen here for more from MiCasa...

Listen here for the shower song....

The trio also spoke to Stephen Grootes on Radio 702 about their latest album Familia, as well as the story behind it.

The band says they have been through some difficult challenges leading up to a near breakup, but they have learned to understand that being in a band is a relationship.

I think that when you are young you want to do everything, like when I met my wife may mates were like dude were are you and I think that does have an influence. I don't think our women have anything to do with it but I think that less time spent with the band does influence the relationship.

J Something, MiCasa band member

Speaking on the quality of music they have produced ,Mo-T says they have stayed true to themselves throughout the process.

It's just the passion that we have and we are always true to ourselves, we always stay honest to what we can do.

Mo-T, MiCasa band member

Click on the link below to hear more from the trio....

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : MiCasa releases 2 minute shower song to save water

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