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There are lot of things you could save money on if you knew how to do them yourself.

Do It Yourself (DIY) expert, Angelo D'Ambrosio provides useful tips to follow if you would like to take control of the basic things in your life and save a little bit of money.

D'Ambrosio advises:

  • You need to understand what your limits are?

  • Ask yourself if you are a practical person or not?

  • Are you willing to learn?

  • Do you have the right tools?

  • Do you understand the products you will need to work with?

It is extremely important to understand that if you do not understand electricals then don't touch it.

Angelo D'Ambrosio, DIY expert

Hang around people who know how to do it and learn.

Angelo D'Ambrosio, DIY expert

D'Ambrosio says if anyone is willing to learn there are a lot of places that offer advice and basic information on what to do to get things done.

If you fancy yourself a DIY person, listen here for more...

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Go the DIY route and save money

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