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Children learn to fly on a simulator, more or less in the same way pilots learn to fly.

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

I see a lot of legs on this one… especially with the situation [drought] in Cape Town…

Jeff Cullis, Urban Organics

AeroBuddies is 702’s 2017 Small Business Awards winner.

Urban Organics came out tops at this year’s CapeTalk Small Business Awards.

Ray White (in for The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield) interviewed AeroBuddies founder Joe Phalwane and Jeff Cullis, owner at Urban Organics, for the weekly “ShapeShifter” feature.

AeroBuddies is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) “education enrichment company”.

It provides aviation and aeronautics inspired lessons for learners of all grades.

Urban Organics designs and develops hydroponics and aquaponics for urban and rural communities and offers workshops on how these systems can be used for fresh produce.

Listen to the interviews in the audio below (and/or scroll down for more quotes from it).

It’s a combination of two of my passions - aviation and youth development.

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

We’ve already sold our first franchise.

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

I started in Soweto…

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

Children design and make their own [remote controlled] aircrafts.

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

Children learn to make rockets.

Joe Phalwane, AeroBuddies

We’ve taken hydroponics, and tried to perfect it.

Jeff Cullis, Urban Organics

My business started by chance…

Jeff Cullis, Urban Organics

It’s 100% organic.

Jeff Cullis, Urban Organics

We would love to put these systems in schools… at no cost to them…

Jeff Cullis, Urban Organics

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This article first appeared on 702 : Meet Joseph Phalwane and Jeff Cullis; owners of SA’s best small businesses



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