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Senior Engineering Lecturer Stellenbosch University, Thinus Booysen advises schools and businesses closing for the holiday season, to close the main valves to the water supply in order to save water while the province is going through severe water problems.

By doing that, Booysen says if a pipe should burst or spring a leak in a building, water will not be wasted.

The Western Cape is going through the worst drought in four decades according to water experts.

The Shoprite group, Bridgiot and CapeTalk are running the Smart Water Meter Challenge and Booysen gives an update on the latest pledges received to install the Dropula water saving devices at schools.

But they have exceeded the original target!

Our target was 270 school but so far we have reached 325. We have 70 coorporates who sponsored .... we should have 50 schools by the end of this week and we are aiming to have 50 connected by the end of the year.

Thinus Booysen, Senior Lecturer Stellenbosch University

To hear more on saving water from Thinus Booysen, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Schools and businesses advised to switch off water during holiday break

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