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My vision for this company… is social and capital dividends in equal measure.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

Forgood.co.za connects people who want to help with those who need it.

You can offer, or ask for, skills, goods, services and information.

If you want to do good, but you’re unsure where to start, forgood.co.za is the place!

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed forgood.co.za CEO Andy Hadfield for this weekly “ShapeShifter” feature.

Hadfield created his first digital start-up when he was 19.

He transformed FNB’s websites, social media accounts and eCommerce systems.

Hadfield launched forgood.co.za in 2015.

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and/or scroll down for more quotes from it).

Charity is unsustainable.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

Charities are, largely, inefficient.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

We’re a tech company.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

They capture what they need in real time.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

Millennials want purpose alongside profits.

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

Everyone’s a rock-star entrepreneur these days!

Andy Hadfield, forgood.co.za

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This article first appeared on 702 : Want to do good? Not sure where to start? You may want to check this out...

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