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Founder of Athletic Intellectuals and New Yorker, Erinne Perry, says CapeTalk has played a big role in inspiring her setting up a project, a dual run youth sports, and life-skills development organisation called Athletic Intellectuals.

She stumbled onto CapeTalk while she was in South Africa in 2015. She loves radio and was looking for a radio station to listen to.

Perry will soon be coming back to Cape Town to distribute 11 pairs of repaired sneakers to deserving athletes chosen by a former national basketball player, Vincent Ntunja.

I would like to repair the sneakers for the local use, not just for athletic purposes but for everyday use.

Erinne Perry, Founder of Athletic Intellectuals and New Yorker

I want to stress the importance of not only being physically strong but intellectual that deals with mental toughness which is not only important in sport but in everyday life.

Erinne Perry, Founder of Athletic Intellectuals and New Yorker

To hear more of this interview with Erinne Perry, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : New York CapeTalk listener bringing revamped sneakers for local kids



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