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The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says the drought levy proposed by the City of Cape Town is illegal and unfair on residents.

Outa Portfolio Manager for water, Julius Kleynhans, says this is a punitive tax and if the City wants to introduce tax, it has to go through Treasury which the City of Cape hasn't done.

Kleynhans says it is not the City's constitutional obligation to produce more water fro the citizens but it is the mandate of the Department of Water and Sanitation.

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The City it is only there to ensure the distribution of water and to maintain the infrastructure.

Julius Kleynhans, Outa spokesperson

To put a drought levy on top of an over burden society I am afraid it's not a solution.

Julius Kleynhans, Outa spokesperson

The City's proposed drought levy is currently available for public participation but Kleynhans says public participation is completely impossible during the December period.

We have seen this in the past where government uses this period to get dodgy deals through and we don't believe this is a proper way to do it.

Julius Kleynhans, Outa spokesperson

The City should at this moment should hold the Depart of Water and Sanitation to account to ensure that water is produced, says Kleynhans.

He says the City should have been proactive long ago in getting funding for disaster and emergency from Treasury if DWS doesn't want to come to the party. He says the City has the right to take DWS to court and force them to fulfill their constitutional obligation.

It is completely unacceptable where the residents have to carry the burden all the time and pay more for the lack of accountability.

Julius Kleynhans, Outa spokesperson

I believe it is the right time for the residents to become active, stand up for their rights and protect it in the right way.

Julius Kleynhans, Outa spokesperson

To hear more of this objection of drought levy by OUTA, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : CoCT proposed drought levy 'Illegal' and unfair to residents - OUTA

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