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Tumi Molekane, also known as Stogie T is a well-known rapper and poet. His been making waves in the music industry and changing the game - from lead vocalist in the band 'Tumi and the Volume' to his solo venture, the poetic words of Stogie T keep evolving and changing for the better.

Molekane says that the song ‘Going Gorilla’ is about reflecting the frustrations of the young, urban black youth.

This idea of entitlement and just all these frustrations keep coming out.

Tumi Molekane (Stogie T), rapper and poet

Molekane says that he tried not to interrupt the outpour of the frustration that was faced with wisdom.

I’m somewhere else, I’m not the same 18-year-old who came out.

Tumi Molekane (Stogie T), rapper and poet

Molekane says that it’s important for him to be honest to the messenger in trying to spread the message. In light of one of his songs, Tracey Chapman, Molekane says that the first Walkman he ever got came with a Tracy Chapman tape.

First there was this technological gadget that allowed you to walk and listen to music which was a big thing says Molekane. He adds that there was also the music.

Tracy Chapman represented this rural, American experience. Like a lower-class kind of experience.

Tumi Molekane (Stogie T), rapper and poet

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This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] Tumi Molekane is reinventing the game with his Stogie T persona

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