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The Cape Flats suburb of Manenburg is often in the news due to issues like gang violence and drug abuse. But this time it is in the news for the right reasons, thanks to the remarkable work of The Leadership College in Manenberg.

The private, no fees school achieved a pass rate of 90%, despite dealing with a very difficult social environment. School Principal, Yousuf Atcha says that despite these challenges, they strive to provide quality education for learners in the community.

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Mrs Norton the director of our institution found it important that we establish a school where we can offer quality education to those learners who are coming of the backdrop of social challenges.

Yousuf Atcha, Principal at The Leadership College in Manenberg

This school will one day, and (already)is, play a huge role in transformation - to take the children out of the vicious cycle of drug ad gangsterism, and ensure they will be able to go to a universality in South Africa, to establish themselves. come home with a degree and someday in life, they too will be the generation to take the community of Manenberg, Hanover Park, and all these areas and have leadership in the correct sense of the word.

Yousuf Atcha, Principal at The Leadership College in Manenberg

Atcha says they can already see this change with the pass rates over the years.

Listen to the full interview below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape Flats Manenberg no-fee school achieves 90% matric pass rate

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