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Ever wondered what Michael Bublé would look and sound like if he was South African? The world-famous singer got his South African face and voice on for this hilarious episode on BBC One.

He pretended to be a South African sales assistant named Dion - drawing his inspiration from a South African friend named Dion.

He played some lighthearted pranks on London consumers, pretending to sell them home theatre systems and Michael Bublé albums. The BBC One makeup team did a brilliant job at disguising the Feeling Good singer.

It's hilarious, fun and encapsulates his personality as one of the good guys so well.

Also, he managed to get the accent spot on for the most part of the prank. It turns out that our accent is a lot harder to impersonate than we think, so he did a super job.

Lekker, man.

This article first appeared on 947 : Watch Michael Bublé pretend to be a South African sales assistant

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