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CAPE TOWN - Cape Town's predicted "day zero" has been moved forward by another week, with city officials now warning that it could completely run out of water by 22 April.

Mayor Patricia de Lille has announced that water use remained constant over the festive season, despite a strong influx of tourists.

But officials are concerned that daily water consumption remains above the target of 500 million litres.

Officials say half of the city's residents aren't adhering to the water consumption cap of 87 litres per person per day.

Dam levels dropped by 1.3% this week, leaving the figure at 29.7%.

De Lille has urged residents to pull together to prevent day zero.

“Where we are sitting today, day zero will be on 22 April... Our dam levels for the first time dropped below 30%.”

Level six water restrictions came into effect from the first of January.

All households consuming more than 10.5 kiloliters per month will be fitted with a water management device.

This article first appeared on EWN : CT day zero moved forward by a week

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