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International food safety expert Dr Lucia Anelich says the listeriosis outbreak could be described as the worst of its kind in global history.

The foodborne pathogen has claimed the lives of 61 patients in South Africa so far.

Dr Lucia Anelich says listeriosis does not discriminate and shares food safety advice on how to protect yourself.

Among the most vulnerable to contract listeriosis are:

  • pregnant women

  • people with auto immune diseases

  • people with diabetes

  • organ donor recipients

  • diabetics

  • HIV positive people

  • people over 65

Tips on how to safeguard against listeriosis:

  • practice good hygiene in the kitchen

  • do not cross-contaminate raw and cooked foods

  • wash hands and utensils

  • always wipe surfaces

  • cook food thoroughly

  • refrigerate food

  • check use-by dated on perishable foods

  • avoid unpasteurised milk

  • avoid raw, or ready-to-eat food products

Listeria infects just about anybody, it doesn't matter your health status.

Dr Lucia Anelich

Listen to the insightful discussion on listeriosis (starting from 10:20):

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Tips on how to reduce Listeria risk in foods

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