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With an extensive background in the entertainment industry, actor, singer and songwriter Nicholas Nkuna, also known as Nick Soul talks about how his passion started, and why he prioritised his singing career.

There’s a lot that I am proud of says Nkuna. He says that the work he did last year called, ‘Faith Takes Time’ was a musical that allowed him to cast young people that can sing and act from the townships.

Nkuna says that the entertainment industry is not easy. He adds that you must have an agent or some kind of knowledge in the industry.

For the fact that we went out there and we found raw talent.

Nicholas Nkuna, actor, singer and songwriter

Nkuna says that back in high school, he use to have the highest pitched voice. He adds that there’s something about his music, writing and the stories he tells, that sets his spirit free.

The singer says that he has always been clear about what he wants when he goes to studio, and adds that he knows the songs he’s going to sing and the feelings behind them.

I will never choose anything that I’m not excellent at.

Nicholas Nkuna, actor, singer and songwriter

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This article first appeared on 702 : Getting up, close and personal with singer, songwriter Nick Soul

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