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2018 has been deemed at the year for the ultimate glow up, 365 days of a healthy mind and body!

Celebrity foodie Chef Lelo highlighs the top food trends for 2018, and the beneficial nature of the latest trend on one's mental and physical health.

Chef Lelo says that a lot of greens are going to be seen this year. She adds that South Africans are heavy so there’s a need to move towards power foods like kale.

The responsibility is on us, as chefs as well.

Chef Lelo

Chef Lelo says that we need to move away from overly processed foods like saturated fats. She adds that South Africa has hot summers, so there’s no reason for us to eat heavy meals.

Right now, work with what you have within what’s seasonal... Use that.

Chef Lelo

Listen to more trends in the audio below...

This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] Get a taste of the food trends for 2018

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