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Several mugging incidents took place this past weekend in Cape Town on different hiking trails including the St James Peak in Kalk bay.

Police are searching for two suspects who apparently pretend to be hikers, join a hiking group, and later mugg them.

Spokesperson for Table Mountain Watch, Andre van Schalkwyk highlights a few safety challenges with regards to SANParks taking responsibility of ensuring the safety of hikers.

We need to question whether the risk outweighs the pleasure that we get from hiking on the mountain. The bottom line is that they've said you enter this park at your own risk and they are not prepared to do anything more of what they are currently doing.

Andre van Schalkwyk, spokesperson for Table Mountain Watch

Van Schalkwyk says the SANParks safety rangers are only based in Kloofnek and have none in the south. He says the park's rangers are marred by politics.

We just don't see the level of attention and focus that is required from SANParks and neither from the City.

Andre van Schalkwyk, spokesperson for Table Mountain Watch

SANPark's spokesperson Merle Collins says there is a meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon with stakeholders to discuss safety issues following the attack of more than two people.

It is not fair to say that we are not taking it seriously.... we are actually meeting today.

Merle Collins, Western Cape Spokesperson for SAN Parks

To hear more of this discussions, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : SANParks accused of not taking responsibility for the safety of hikers

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