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Refusing the single-use plastic drinking straw is risingly popular way to limit our impact on the environment.

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It's reported that almost half a billion straws are disposed of per day, in the US alone.

Environmentalist across the world are advocating for people to refuse the straw and reduce plastic pollution.

Reusable and sustainable alternatives to plastic straws are available in South Africa.

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Matthew Myer is the co-founder of Stream Straws and makes reusable straws out of glass.

The glass drinking straws are hand-made in Cape Town. The straws are made out of borosilicate glass, making them extremely durable.

The chairman of the Whale Coast Conservation, Rob Fryer, also offers an alternative made of stainless steels

The pair discussed their eco-friendly alternatives and how their products can be purchased.

Take a listen to the discussion during the Pippa's Planet feature:

Thumbnail image credit: Streamstraws on Instagram.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Ecofreaks say stop sucking and try these cool plastic straw alternatives instead

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