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The City of Cape Town has announced the qualifying bidder for the Foreshore Freeway Precinct development.

The Stage 1 bid evaluation process has now been completed by the appointed Bid Evaluation Committee.

The qualifying bidder is Mitchell Du Plessis Associates (MDA).

The City states that 'MDA’s proposal entails, among others, the completion of the unfinished sections of the freeways – these are the connections to and from Helen Suzman Boulevard; and the connections to and from the N1 and N2 freeways. Furthermore, the development proposes a combination of approximately 3 200 market-related residential units and a minimum of 450 affordable residential units.'

Mayco member for transport, Brett Herron talks to John Maytham about the winning bid.

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John asked Brett Herron to explain how traffic leaving Sea Point would connect with the then completed highways.

The separation of the elevated freeways and two new viaducts will separate the traffic on the ground...to the traffic flowing straight onto the N1 and N2....It will no longer descend into Buitengracht and Dock Road.

Brett Herron, Mayco member Transport

The two new viaducts will be higher than the existing ones, explains Herron.

Herron also answered concerns about what seems to be the targetting of public transport infrastructure.

Watch the winning bid below.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : City announces qualifying Foreshore Freeway Precinct bid

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