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Feeling a bit stressed out? Tired of looking at numbers on that Excel spreadsheet all day?

Yeah, we get it, so we decided to bring some fun to your desk. Most times it's the little things that make for the coolest moments in our day.

Like, take this marble rolling through a table maze for instance. It's like what childhood used to be like... Just good old fun with normal day-to-day objects.

A few days ago, YouTube user Kaplamino published a video of his very own DIY maze, albeit one that’s automated to run on a massive table featuring multiple fidget spinners, domino blocks, a pair of scissors, and a plastic fork.

So take a few minutes to admire this little work of art and remember what it was like to be a kid.

Kaplamino has some neat and clever ways to roll the marble upwards, including the use of springs, magnets, falling weights, and catapults.

Kaplamino says the entire set-up was held together by the humble glue gun, which is a laudable achievement in my book.

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