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Sterilising fluid and sterilising tablets products are flying off the shelves as Capetonians look for alternatives to help them save water.

According to Milton brand manager, Nicola Hickman their products have multiple uses, which includes water
purification for drinking, grey water sterilisation for household use as well as minimising toilet bowl odours.

She explains that Milton sterilising fluid is made from sodium hypochlorite and sodium chloride.

It is able to purify the borehole water for drinking but obviously, there would still be sediments of dirt which need to be sifted through.

Nicola Hickman, Milton brand manager

You can sterilise your grey water completely and be able to use it around the house even for cleaning your kitchen utensils.

Nicola Hickman, Milton brand manager

To hear the rest of the interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Water sterilising products could help Capetonians save more water

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