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John sent an email to Azania Mosaka complaining about a call he received saying he won a holiday voucher.

He was later introduced to a company called VHI (Vacation Hub International) and says that upon attending the company's presentation, he discovered the 'free' voucher came with conditions that stipulated he had to tell other people about the 'great' deals the company is offering in order to qualify.

Callers began sharing similar experiences to John.

A caller from Benoni says he had to go to the bank to reverse the amounts monthly because the company kept on debiting him even after he had paid for the package.

After a year, when the package was finally paid up, they started debiting for amounts. I tried getting hold of them at first it was a battle for about 2-3 months trying to get hold of them because they don't have offices.


Listen to some of the experiences callers have had with these holiday agents.

This article first appeared on 702 : [LISTEN] 'Free holiday' scam on the rise

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