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Adaptive cruise control, a cruise control system gives you the ability to automatically reduce speed when the distance to a car in front, or the speed limit, decreases, has become a key feature in autonomous vehicles.

You can set the maximum speed just as with cruise control, while radar sensor located in the front end of the car locates traffic ahead of it to keep a set following distance relative to the car ahead.

Technical editor at CAR Magazine, Nicol Louw talks to Azania Mosaka about its functions after testing the system on three different vehicles.

What is interesting is we pitched three vehicles against each other - Audi Q2, Ford Kuga, and a Subaru XV, all fitted with the system - and we measured the minimum distance at 60 and at 120 - and the maximum distances it can actually follow the car in front. It is quite interesting to see the differences between the different manufacturers.

Nicol Louw, Technical Editor at CAR Magazine

The Audi came out on top as the widest range at 120, you can actually follow a car at over 100 meters. It will actually see the car in front and well follow it, and the minimum distance at 120 is then 32 meters which is fairly close.

Nicol Louw, Technical Editor at CAR Magazine

The interesting thing about these system's as well is a safety aspect, cause when you drive in thick fog and you can't see, these radars can see through bad weather conditions.

Nicol Louw, Technical Editor at CAR Magazine

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This article first appeared on 702 : Motoring: Audi Q2's adaptive cruise control system comes out tops

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