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Veteran award winning comedian Barry Hilton kicks off his two day show 'Grey Matters' on Friday evening.

He sat down with Azania Mosaka to chat about the show, family life, as well as the art of comedy.

Every single time that I am on stage, it is a wonderful feeling. I really don't do it for money. The money is something you get.

Barry Hilton, comedian

I do it for the fact that I can actually make people laugh and have fun with my own life, and I can take tragedy and turn it around and that is my ability.

Barry Hilton, comedian

Hilton's seven-year-old son will announce him onto stage this time.

I believe as an older father now, you realise that you have got to give your kids every single opportunity to do something different because we are tired of living in this tunnel. You have got to expand.

Barry Hilton, comedian

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This article first appeared on 702 : I can take tragedy and turn it around - Barry Hilton

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