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Motorists driving along Atlantic Road can expect traffic flow to be disrupted due to another truck stuck under the Muizenberg Bridge in Cape Town.

You'd think by now that drivers of heavy motor vehicles would know to avoid the structure.

Image credit: The City of Cape Town Safety, Security and Social Services

Despite the clear signage indicating the 2.5-metre height restriction, bus and truck drivers continue to find themselves stuck in the same spot.

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In 2016, the City of Cape Town announced plans to introduce a 3D laser detection system at the railway bridge, to prevent vehicles from crashing into it.

On many occasions, drivers have been photographed trying to deflate the tyres of their vehicles after getting caught underneath the low level structure.

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Here are other instances when drivers clearly missed the warnings, courtesy of Twitter:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Another truck stuck under Muizenberg Bridge (will they ever learn?)

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