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A public meeting called by DA Councillor Angus McKenzie in Bonteheuwel on Sunday was disrupted by an action group, accusing the City of Cape Town and McKenzie of lying to them.

The meeting was to inform residents about the blue water meters being installed to curb high water usage in the area.

We would be naive to think there aren't issues with water management devices, around the implementation and functioning of them.

Angus McKenzie, DA councillor

Residents claim the water meters are faulty and some claim they have not had water for several days.

There are also instances where the water management devices work perfectly well where they are installed.

Angus McKenzie, DA Councillor

If there are issues [with the water meters], people need to log those with our call centre.

Angus McKenzie, DA Councillor

McKenzie says the meeting was disrupted by people who are not residents of Bontheuwel.

The meeting was interrupted and there were individuals in the meeting who would not allow the meeting to continue, going as far as swearing at the officials telling them to sit down.

Angus McKenzie, DA Councillor

We cannot allow residents that are there, who seek answers, to be interrupted by people who are not even from Bontheuwel.

Angus McKenzie, DA Councillor

Chairperson of the Tafelsig Activist Forum, Sulyman Stellenboom disagree with McKenzie's version of events.

The Councillor must stop lying and call a spade, a spade. He doesn't stay in Bonteuwel and I don't stay in Bontheuwel. I used to live there, I used to go to school there.

Sulyman Stellenboom, Chairperson Tafelsig Activist Forum

I did not disrupt the meeting. I went to the meeting because I am also a member of the Water Collusion in the Western Cape and we were invited to the meeting.

Sulyman Stellenboom, Chairperson Tafelsig Activist Forum

The Councillor doesn't know how to mobilize for the meeting. There were about 30 people in that public meeting. How many people stay in Bontheuwel? In the 15 minutes that he was given to address the community, he lied to the community.

Sulyman Stellenboom, Chairperson Tafelsig Activist Forum

To hear the rest of the conversation, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : [LISTEN] Water crisis meeting disrupted in Bontheuwel

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