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Wilhem Herbst, chairperson of the Red Dust Action Group says the way Transnet handles iron ore exports is causing red dust pollution, especially in Saldana on the Cape West Coast.

Speaking to John Maytham on CapeTalk, Herbst said if you go to other places where iron ore is exported, it's a clean operation.

If you go to Saldana, it's horrific, everything is red. The houses are red, the roads are red, the fences are red, the grass is red, the plantation is red, everything is red.

Wilhem Herbst, Chairperson: Red Dust Action Group

View a tweet one listener sent on the red dust:

Listen below to hear how red dust pollution is affecting people:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : 'It's horrific! Houses are red, roads are red, grass is red, everything is red'

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